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Rayality TV Webisode #4
In this webisode we take a trip back to The Encore Home for Retired Entertainers to meet some new characters. Enjoy! Read More
Rayality TV Webisode #3
In this webisode of Rayality TV, Ray goes even more in-depth about chickens! Read More
Performance of "Farther Along" to be aired on "God Bless America, Again" Television Show
Will be aired on RFD-TV Friday, April 25th 7:00pm CDT and Saturday, April 26th at 11:00pm CDT Read More
Rayality TV Webisode #2
This is the second webisode in the Rayality TV Webisode Series, In this webisode it is all about chickens! Read More
Rayality TV Webisode #1
This is the first Rayality TV Webisode, in this webisode Ray gets a speeding ticket and is sentenced to 122 days at Encore, the retirement home for entertainers. Read More


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